BioWare sets up goose cam, gives birds Dragon Age names, all is right with the world

Update: BioWare is holding a contest for naming the adorable goslings hatched by Ganders and Arishonk. Behold! THE GOOSE BRACKET:

We picked our favorites from your gosling name suggestions. Introducing the #GooseBracket: 28, 2016

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Original story: Rainy spring weather got you down? Frustrated at Game You’re Looking Forward To’s delay? Mass Effect and Dragon Age studio BioWare Edmonton has something to cheer you up: a livestream goose cam! A pair of Canadian geese have taken residence on the studio’s roof, where they’ve built a nice little nest and are currently raising a family of goslings. Take a look: 

The developer seems pretty happy about the situation, and has even given the adults Dragon Age-themed names; the female is Ganders (a play on Anders, a mage from Dragon Age 2), and the male is Arishonk (a play on Arishok, the title for the Qunari race’s leader).

I’m particularly digging the BioWare music playing in the background, because who doesn’t want to see a baby goose peek out from under its momma’s wing to the battle music of Commander Shepard’s war against the Reapers?

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