BioShock Infinite release date delayed

Bad news arrived today for fans of the BioShock series (i.e. most of us.) Irrational Games announced today that BioShock Infinite would not arrive in stores until February 26, 2013, back from its originally planned release date of Octoberr 16, 2012.

As is the trend these days, the company is using the news to declare that the extra time will be spent making BioShock Infinite far greater than it ever could have been with an October release.

“We’ve come to realize that some specific tweaks and improvements will make Infinite into something even more extraordinary,” said Levine in a press release message. “Therefore, to give our talented team the time they need, we’ve decided to move the game’s release to February 26, 2013. We wanted to let our loyal (and very patient!) fans know this as soon as possible.”

Levine also announced that Irrational would not be showing the game at any upcoming trade shows in order to keep development focused on the main release. Trade show demos are a notorious time-sink for major developers, who have to take time away from the real project to assemble a demo.

“What does this mean for you? It means a bit more waiting, but more importantly, it means an even better BioShock Infinite,” he said. “The great can be made greater, and we owe it to both ourselves and to you, our fans, to take this opportunity. Irrational Games is one of those rare developers lucky enough to ask the people who sign the checks: “Hey, can we have a few more of those checks?”

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