Biden meets with EA CEO, other game execs

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said he knows “there’s no silver bullet” during a meeting with games industry representatives to talk about the relationship (or lack thereof) between violent games and violent crimes, VentureBeat reports.

“But I ask the Cabinet to come together–the Attorney General, Homeland Security, Department of Education, Health and Human Services–because we know this is a complex problem. We know there is no single answer,” Biden said.

Biden then placed his hand on Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello’s shoulder and told him the White House isn’t singling out games, given the dearth of research conclusively linking violent games to real-life violence.

“Frankly, we don’t even know if some of the things people think impact [violence] actually impact it,” Biden said.

Polygon reports that Biden’s task force on gun violence, which was formed largely in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, also met with several other games industry executives from the Entertainment Software Association, the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, Activision Blizzard, E-Line Media, Epic Games, GameStop, Take-Two, and ZeniMax Media (owners of Bethesda Softworks).

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