Asuras Wrath: Demo incoming in January 2012

Capcom has announced it’ll be offering players a two-level demo of its upcoming God of War-style action-adventure, Asura’s Wrath, ahead of the game’s February 2012 release. The demo is set to drop on Jan 10 of next year on both PSN and Xbox 360, and features content drawn mostly from the segments shown at TGS this year. Here’s the trailer that accompanied that event’s screening.

We previewed Asura’s Wrath last month, and found a title that shouldn’t have to work too hard to make fans of titles like God of War or Bayonetta feel at home. Just like with releases such as Street Fighter X Tekken, Capcom is making the most of Asura’s Wrath’s big-budget chops by spreading preorder bonuses across different outlets – so potential buyers can use the demo as a means of evaluating just who’s offering the best advantages. Or the worst ones, if you’re bent on making the game as appropriately rage-filled an experience as possible.

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