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Have you tried… using deja vu to reconnect with loved ones in My Dream is a Lost Memory?

My Dream is a Lost Memory is beautiful. Visually, its simple two-tone, sepia-soaked, hand drawn art style penned by developer LeJunes is gorgeous. Thematically, it’s relatable, weaving a short interactive and semi-autobiographical narrative about an overworked, city-living woman struggling to juggle the myriad responsibilities tied to adulthood. Its soundtrack is …

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Twelve Minutes actor James McAvoy says that the script was impossible to read “because there’s so many avenues”

Twelve Minutes, an upcoming thriller by Annapurna Interactive, got a behind-the-scenes documentary that highlights the cast’s performances.  Released via Collider Exclusives (opens in new tab), the nine-minute-long documentary gives a brief glimpse into the inner workings of the video game development process, as well as some backstory into how Twelve …

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