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Best RTX 3090 PC deals in July 2022

We’re halfway through July and seeing the best RTX 3090 PC deals of the entire year. Simply put, the asking prices on these high-end Ampere machines are continuing to plummet, and it’s now entirely possible to get your hands on these powerful rigs for under the $2,999.99 mark for the …

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Aliens: The Roleplaying Game review

Essential info – Game type: Horror tabletop RPG – Players: 2 – 6 – Complexity: Hard – Lasts: 120+ mins – Ages: 14+ – Price: $49.99 / £39.99 – Play if you enjoy: Traveller, Vaesen As you might expect for such an iconic franchise, Alien has spawned a lot of games. But while there are plenty of …

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Prime Day tablet deals 2022

Amazon Prime Day tablet deals are now over, but that doesn’t mean there still aren’t deal up for grabs. If you missed out on Prime Day for whatever reason, fear not, there are still major price cuts and some discounts so low that they’re close to the lowest ever recorded …

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