Nicole Kidman reportedly in talks to join Wonder Woman

As comic book films have increased in popularity over recent years, more and more A-list actors are being attracted to future projects. The latest big name to join a coveted superhero franchise could be Nicole Kidman, with The Wrap (opens in new tab) reporting that the Oscar-winning actress is in talks to join the cast of Wonder Woman. Should the deal go through, Kidman would star opposite Gal Gadot, who will make her Wonder Woman debut in next year’s highly anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Kidman is no stranger to comic book movies; she played Dr Chase Meridian in 1995’s Batman Forever (also known as the more watchable of the two Joel Schumacher Batman films). According to the report she’s in negotiations to play a high-ranking Amazonian warrior this time round. That could easily be a spot-on description of Hyppolyta, who comic book fans will recognise as the Queen of the Amazons and Wonder Woman’s Mother.

It’s worth noting that this is all speculation at the moment, but if Kidman does end up joining the Wonder Woman franchise, it would be a fantastic piece of news for Warner Bros. Directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gadot and Chris Pine, Wonder Woman will be released in US theatres on June 23rd 2017. A UK release date has yet to be confirmed.

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