Detroit: Become Human introduces Connor, an android with lots of choices (most of them bad)

Quantic Dream, the studio behind similarly story-driven Heavy Rain, turned heads last year with the hyper-realistic look of its new game. The studio shared another story from the universe of Detroit: Become Human (opens in new tab) during Sony’s E3 press conference. The latest glimpse highlighted much of what we already know about the game. It’s set in a universe where tension is mounting between humans and androids. Some androids are starting to fight back against their years of servitude, and some humans are prejudiced about just what being an android might mean.

While the first trailer focused on an android named Kara, this year’s E3 video is about Connor. He’s an android hostage negotiator sent into a situation where a fellow android has kidnapped a young girl. The clip shows the many options that might play out based on what you’ve discovered about the scenario and how you choose to interact with the kidnapper.

The bits of gameplay that were shared focused on sleuthing, with exploring the remnants of a crime scene and analyzing what has happened and deciding how to proceed as you interact with other characters. Still lots to learn about what more this game will have in store (including when it’ll be out).

Check out every announcement and full summary details on our Sony press conference (opens in new tab) page.

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