Max Payne rated for PS4, probably for PS2 emulation

It looks like Max Payne’s first journey through the night is coming to PS4. The Entertainment Software Ratings Board has posted a listing (opens in new tab) for Max Payne on PS4 just days after Sony confirmed the first selection of PS2 games (opens in new tab) headed to the console.

The listing has few details to spare, aside from confirming the game will still be rated M for Mature with Blood and Violence. But the ESRB rarely posts inaccurate listings, and Max Payne did hit PS2 a few months after its original PC release in 2001. Personally, I’m just excited to see Sam Lake’s famous Max Payne face grimacing at 60 frames per second in boosted resolution.

On top of better resolution and frame rate, the revisited PS2 games will each get a new crop of Trophies. Unfortunately, you do have to buy the games separately – that old Max Payne disc you’ve been holding onto all these years likely won’t be of any assistance.

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