Hideo Kojima explains how his world tour has influenced the creation of his next game

Remember that 10-day trip around the world (opens in new tab) that Hideo Kojima and Mark Cerny took back in January? Well, Kojima is finally ready to reveal what the point was: to see how studios both big and small operate in order to better figure out how to set up his own new studio, Kojima Productions.

“Since we just started up Kojima Productions, our concept is to make great things with fewer people,” Kojima said. “So I wanted to have a look at the international model and furthermore, maybe most importantly, the newest advances in the technology and tools used by these studios. Each studio has its own feeling and atmosphere. I believe that for people on the team to be able to work creatively, the atmosphere of the studio is of utmost importance.” You can listen to more of Kojima’s thoughts on the subject and what he’s been up to recently via the full episode of “Hideo Tube” below, or skip to 1:55 for the relevant bit.

You mean the kind of atmosphere that comes from the logo of your company being a skull inside of a knight’s armor inside of a spacesuit, Kojima? In all seriousness, it seems like such a small thing, but I would say that Kojima has the right idea to visit other studios and get ideas about how to operate from them. And as we already knew, Kojima was very keen on learning about the tech (opens in new tab) behind the studios as well.

He may be a longtime veteran of the industry and he’s led a team for many years within Konami, but being an indie is new territory for Kojima (opens in new tab). Seeing how other companies are structured should help smooth the transition.

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