GTA Online Valentines update brings back mobster chic

“Be still, my beating heart,” is what you’ll say when you’re fighting the recoil on your new Gusenberg Sweeper in GTA Online (opens in new tab). Rockstar Games released the second-ever Valentine’s Day update for GTA 5 (opens in new tab)’s multiplayer counterpart today after skipping the romantic festivities in 2015, and once again it’s only for current-gen consoles.

Not only will classics-loving criminals get a second chance to buy the Tommy Gun-inspired Gusenberg, “Be My Valentine” introduces the new-and-improved Albany Roosevelt Valor. The buggy (complete with siderails for suicidal hop-ons) has a full suite of tweaks available at Los Santos Customs. The original Roosevelt is also available for historical preservation purposes.

Another aspect of the Be My Valentine update is the new “couples-based” adversary mode, Till Death Do Us Part. The video teaser from Rockstar looks like a Bonnie and Clyde inspired chase – with two well-armed players pursued by a much larger team – but we won’t know for sure until it goes live on Friday.

While you’re waiting, you can pick up all the clothes which were previously available in 2014’s “The Valentine’s Day Massacre Special” on top of a new selection of stockings, boxer shorts, bustiers, and other impractical crime accoutrements. I’m not sure when the special Valentine’s gear will go back into the Rockstar Vault, but you should probably get your shopping done by the end of the weekend.

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