DC discusses the possibility of Grant Gustin and Ezra Millers Flashes sharing a screen

Unlike its biggest competitor Marvel, DC’s cinematic universe is separate from its TV universe, which means the comic giant is bringing in fresh blood to reprise certain roles for its movies. One of those characters is The Flash. For years Grant Gustin has played the Scarlet Speedster on TV, appearing in Arrow before earning his own spin-off, but he won’t play the role in DC’s cinematic world; Ezra Miller nabbed that part.

But what if Gustin and Miller’s versions could co-exist? Is that even possible? Kevin Smith recently opened up about the likelihood of this idea, referencing a segment on the recent TV special Dawn Of The Justice League that was later cut:

“We did a piece where we talked about — I don’t know how much I’m supposed to say because they cut it out,” Smith explained on his Fat Man on Batman (opens in new tab) podcast. “But the idea [came up] of, ‘Hey man, DC is known for nothing if not a multiverse,’ so at which point I was like [to DC Creative Officer Geoff Johns], ‘Could they fucking crossover?’ And he was like, ‘Ahh.’ So doors are being left open and stuff like that.”

“Think about this,” he adds, “you can have Ezra Miller be The Flash and you could also have Grant be The Flash, because there’s a multiverse at work.”

Multiverses are a commonplace occurrence in comic book universes, enabling various versions of the same characters to exist alongside one another. If DC’s creative team are up to the challenge, it would certainly make its movie universe a very loyal adaptation.

You can catch Gustin in action on The Flash, season 2 of which is currently airing, while Miller’s Flash is expected to make his introduction in this year’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice ahead of his solo movie in 2018.

Images: The CW

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