Final Fantasy Explorers introduces new gods to series mythology

You took quests from one in the original Final Fantasy, controlled them in Final Fantasy 10, and fought them in Final Fantasy 14. And on January 26, Final Fantasy Explorers (opens in new tab) for 3DS will introduce two new summoned creatures: Dryad and Amaterasu.

These creatures have been called many things and changed form many times over the course of the series, but you could typically think of them as gods (or at least god-like). In Final Fantasy Explorers, they’re called “eidolons,” and they’re immensely powerful, bestial entities that reflect an element or aspect of existence.

Dryad, for example, is a plant-like being that inflicts status ailments on your party. Amaterasu is more mysterious, though it’s described as having seven magical swords floating behind it. Amaterasu is also the goddess of the sun in Shinto, so that might give you some hints as to her powers. You can see all 12 eidolons coming to Final Fantasy Explorers in the image above.

In Final Fantasy Explorers, players must form a party to hunt down classic franchise foes and turn them into allies, calling on them for help in later battles. Think of it like Monster Hunter gameplay mixed with Final Fantasy jobs and creatures, and you’re getting there. And you’re right, that does sound cool.

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