A game you play by licking the controller

Usually the only thing you use your tongue for in video games is lashing teammates who refuse to play the damn objective. Through a combination of ice pops, a food-safe controller, and a custom-made game, Planet Licker finally gives your tongue the chance to prove its gaming prowess as the thumb of the mouth world.

By licking each different flavored ice pop, you give your alien ship/mouth thing a boost toward the corresponding planet. Someone scattered mines around the field in a backwards attempt to stave off the celestial slurping event, so you’ll have to time and vary your licks properly to get your just desserts. Clearly this is the future of games – I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo NX (opens in new tab) has us chomping shiitake-flavored snow cones to make Mario stomp goombas this time next year.

If you’re at GDC on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, you can try the planet flavors of the day at North Hall booth #N2624. Previous ice pop options have included Orange Cream, Matcha Lemonade, and Blueberry; just remember that licking your favorite flavor over and again may be delicious, but it’s probably a poor strategy overall.

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