Best B-movie beasts

Who’s afraid of the big bad beast?

Beast films of the B-movie variety are possibly the best kind of creature feature because they dont take themselves too seriously. With questionable CGI effects, over acting and some of the most ridiculous plots ever written, these gross-out horror comedies have become a genre in their own right.

They may not come close to credible monster movies like Jaws, King Kong or Godzilla, but that doesnt mean they arent hugely enjoyable and a lot of fun. Whether theyre rampaging local villages, locking horns with other creatures or lurking in the sewers, these low-budget beasts have secured a rightful place in cult movie history. Here’s 20 B-movie beasts we think deserve your viewing time.

20. Mosquito (1995)

The beast: Giant mosquito

Killer features: Blood sucking by the gallon.

The movie: When an alien spaceship crashes on earth, killing its extra-terrestrial driver, the first species to encounter the craft are mosquitos. The alien blood transforms the tiny insects into oversized creepy crawlies, who are hungry for human flesh. Forget vampires these blood-suckers can drain their victims of every drop and theyre a lot uglier too. In a nod to the 50s horror genre, Mosquito brandishes cheap effects and low-budget costumes, plus its guts, gore and goo make for a compelling main attraction.

19. Night of the Lepus (1972)

The beast: Flesh-eating rabbits

Killer features: Sharp bunny teeth and oversized paws.

The film: The bounciest horror beast of them all; giant flesh-eating bunnies ravage their way through a small Arizona town. Psycho‘s Janet Leigh puts her trademark screaming to good practice as she flees from the floppy eared creatures. Studio bosses changed its original title from Rabbits to Night of the Lepus to give it an edgier and scarier feel… apparently! However, these not-so-cuddly critters dont really make a convincing movie monster. Youll have more nightmares watching Watership Down, but probably a lot less laughs.

18. Dinocroc (2004)

The beast: Crocodile-dinosaur hybrid

Killer features: Dino-strength and seriously sharp teeth.

The movie: In the same way John Hammond used DNA to manufacture dinosaurs, Paula Kennedy’s genetic research company splice together the genes of a North African dinosaur and a crocodile to create a prehistoric crocodile hybrid. Dinocroc looks like it was made 20 years before Jurassic Park, even though it’s a decade older than Spielbergs game changer. However, putting its small time special effects aside, the film manages to keep the suspense rolling – particularly when a young boy becomes Dinocrocs target.

17. 2-Headed Shark Attack (2012)

The beast: Shark x 2

Killer features: Double the deadly bite.

The movie: What could possibly be worse than a shark on the loose? How about a two-headed shark on the loose? Indie production company The Asylum drop another one of their shark monsters into the sea, with double the dose of sharp teeth to add to the gore factor. Carmen Electra is brought on board so the shark has some silicone to snack on, while Charlie OConnell steers the films ‘serious’ side as the professor of the piece. It may not be twice as scary as your average shark attack movie, but it’s double the fun.

16. Big Ass Spider! (2013)

The beast: Really big spider

Killer features: Aggressive, smart, fast AND strong.

If the thought of a 5cm sized spider sitting in the bathtub gives you the willies then this one may not be for you. Heroes‘ Greg Gunberg stars in this comedy horror about a giant spider (that looks like its swallowed too many steroids) rampaging through Los Angeles. Attacking people in the streets and tearing buildings down King Kong-style, the beast is nothing but a nuisance. Enter an exterminator and a security guard, who get to work bringing the arachnid down, in wise-cracking bug-busting fashion.

15. Sharktopus (2010)

The beast: Shark-octopus hybrid

Killer features: Sharp teeth and deadly tentacles combined.

The movie: In an all too familiar tale of mankind playing god, a shark-octopus hybrid created for military purposes goes rogue, terrorising people at every turn. Eric Roberts leads a B-movie cast of over-actors whose screams confirm the beast is as fake as it looks. But its all in good humour, as the hybrid monster devours annoying spring breakers and bikini babes tanning their toned bodies. Who really cares if those pretentious posers get swallowed whole? Not us.

14. Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus (2010)

The beast: Two for the price of one – mega shark and giant crocodile

Killer features: A double dose of razor sharp teeth.

The movie: Put a giant crocodile and an oversized shark in the same story and you have a land-meets-sea disaster movie of epic proportions. The Asylum continue their B-movie success with another beast showdown that takes place in the aftermath of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. The Megalodon is still at large and the only thing that can bring it down is a 150 foot crocodile, of course. On a small budget, the beasts are almost cartoonlike in appearance but it doesnt really matter, as it’s all part of this franchises charm.

13. Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (2009)

The beast: Another twofer – oversized shark and large octopus

Killer features: Lethal gnashers, uber strength and deadly tentacles.

The movie: The original film in the Mega Shark series from The Asylum, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus centres on two hibernating prehistoric sea beasts awoken from their deep slumber. Its classic beast-on-beast action that sees the two creatures going head-to-head, causing complete mayhem for humankind. The Golden Gate Bridge gets obliterated, alongside a submarine boat, a plane and an oil rig. This oversized comedy-action-horror is perfect B-movie popcorn fodder, so kick back and enjoy.

12. Python (2000)

The beast: Humongous python

Killer features: Impenetrable skin, enhanced night vision and super-strength.

The movie: An uber python made of several different species, with scientifically modified features, attacks the locals of a small town in California. Slithering through sewers and attacking naked women in showers, the comically fake-looking snake is a hoot and a half to watch. With A Nightmare on Elm Street‘s Robert Englund in the lead, its down to Freddie Kruger to track the deadly python and put a stop to its killing spree. A ludicrous and laughable thrill ride, Python is parody horror you really mustnt miss.

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